Who We Are

Real Love

God is love. Because of his love God sent his only son into the world to give eternal life through him. As we trust him we are brought into his family. So we want to grow into sincerely and practically loving God and each other. We don’t want to be just a club.

Bible Based

The Bible is God’s word. In it God tells us everything we need to experience his love. Through the Holy Spirit God helps us to understand how wonderful his plans for us are. He changes us from the inside out and he grows us in figuring out how to make the most of new life now. We don’t want to just be practical.

Contagious Living

God will be glorified by the world because people personally see the loving behaviour and good lives that Jesus leads his people in. So we encourage each other, prayer and partner to serve the communities we live our lives in. We don’t want to just invite people to church.

What We Do

Each Sunday we gather to celebrate and announce God’s goodness to us in Jesus. We are informal, but not casual. We sing, pray, hear from God’s Word and share stories about what God is doing in our lives and in those we are reaching with his gospel. We are seeking genuinely how we can make Jesus known in our community. We reckon Jesus’ offer of life in abundance is worth knowing something about and we are keen to help anyone get to know him. So we are committed to explaining his gospel message clearly and at a level accessible to those who have little or no Christian background.

Our Sunday Services

We also meet in small groups, mini teams, through week to engage more personally with each other in our pursuit of living rightly under Jesus Lordship.

How to Connect

Join one of our mini teams. We have a selection that meet are various times throughout the week. Meet with someone one to one to read the Bible and pray. A small, but really significant, way to be connected and grow in following Jesus is to meet regularly with someone to read the Bible and pray.

Join a mini team

Also fill in your calendar with our major events of the year. Starting with Bang! Conference in February. So these are the ways into our church community. We don’t have a bunch of programs as such, but we do seek to form genuine friendships and together work for the cause of Jesus, calling all people to trust in him. He is worth it and he won’t let you down.

Our events calendar

If you have any other queries not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

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