Coronavirus Church @ 10am

Church is changing. But it will still be church.

In view of recent developments in the spread of the novel coronavirus, Murdoch University has cancelled all events on its South Street campus.

We have therefore taken the decision to suspend all physical gatherings of Three Crosses Church. Commencing 22/3/20, we will be moving our gatherings online. This response is not governed by fear, but by love.

We want to stay connected but support evolving social distancing measures as the number of cases of the virus escalates.

Until further notice, we will be using zoom to host our services. Zoom provides remote conferencing solutions that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration.

Preparing to meet on Sunday

Zoom’s web browser client will download automatically when you join your first meeting, or you can manually download it beforehand here. From this link, you can also download the zoom app to your preferred mobile device. You don’t need to create a zoom account.

If you download the app before Sunday morning and want to check that your device is set up properly, you can join a simple test meeting. Here’s how.

Attending the service on Sunday (or, “joining the meeting”)

We would like you to join the zoom meeting at 9.30 am on Sunday morning. Our service will commence at the usual time of 10.00 am. The early sign-in will allow us to help you with any technical issues you may experience while you chat with one another.

To join the meeting, contact us for the latest meeting ID.


Q: I don’t have a computer or apple iThingy. Can I still join the meeting?
A: Yes, by telephoning (08) 7150 1149. When prompted, enter the meeting ID. When prompted to enter a participant code, just skip by pressing # (hash).

Q: I don’t want to download any more apps to my device. Is there any other way to join the meeting?
A: The app provides the best user experience but it is possible to open the meeting with very limited functionality from your web browser. Just select open in browser when you join the meeting. Zoom recommends using Chrome for the best result (more here).

Q: Do I need to create a zoom account?
A: No.

Tips & Etiquette

  • When in a meeting as a participant, set your video (camera) ON and your audio (microphone) to MUTE. This is the default setting
  • .If possible when speaking to the group, look at your camera rather than the screen. This will appear more natural to those to whom you’re speaking.
  • You will get better audio quality if you use headphones and a boom microphone. This will have the opposite effect if your whole family is sharing your device.
  • If you need to use the bathroom during the meeting, leave your device behind. Turn OFF the camera and microphone to minimise the distraction to the rest of the group.
  • If you’re using a mobile device, ensure it is fully charged because video chat places a high demand on the battery.

Pro Tip

  • To address the group while your audio is muted, press and hold the space bar while you speak. When you have finished speaking, release the space bar (the space bar functions like a mic. key).

Community Church @ 10am
(Cancelled due to Coronavirus – see above)

A family friendly church service, every Sunday at 10am, with creche and activities for kids from Pre-kindy to year 12.

Room 465.1.101

Herbert Smith Freehills Lecture Theatre, Murdoch University

Access via Kulbardi Bidi off Discovery Way

Look out for the signs we have posted up. We hope to see you there!