Why plant churches?

Church Planting is a good way to help each other to get more active in speaking God’s truth and showing God’s love. When you’re starting a new church, you can’t do everything. So it forces us to focus on keeping the main thing the main thing.

But there are already plenty of churches in Australia!

It’s true that compared to population, Australia is blessed with a higher number of churches than many parts of the world. So we certainly wouldn’t want to plant churches instead of sending missionaries. We want to do both! But how many churches would we like to see in Australia?

The best way to reach people with the great news of Jesus is to get to know them personally and tell them. If the average Christian can do that with about 10 people and the average church has about 200 people, then it would be good to have one church for every 2000 people. The City of Melville has about ninety thousand people – so it would be good to have about 45 churches. So there is plenty of opportunity.

But there are already churches in the area – you’ll be stealing people from them!

Unfortunately, there have been churches in the western world that have been established by stealing people from other faithful churches. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do it! One of our particular concerns in planting this new church will be not to tread on the toes of our brothers and sisters of others denominations in the area. This will mean organising the new church in such a way that we are counting on the start up team and whoever God would be pleased to bring into his family through the ministry – rather than attracting people from neighbouring churches.

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