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If I was a Wizard

If I was a wizard,
I would look into the future.
What if I discovered that the world is about to end?
What if there is nothing anyone can do about it?
My first thought would be to tell everyone.
But is there any point if it cannot be stopped?
So then I wonder:
Is it better to die in ignorance, blissfully unaware?
Or is it better to know the truth, free to face it as you choose?
I look around and see people busy with petty fears and trivial dreams.
They need to know that time is running out!
But who does not already know this?
The young child who is unaware of death, seems the only one who feels the urgency of play.
And so I would just try to make the most of my moments.
I would encourage others to do the same.
And I wouldn’t bother trying to know the future,
if I was a wizard.

Photo Credit: “Do You Remember … The Future?”, © 2013 JD Hancock, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

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