Thinking about community

I’ve been thinking about community lately. As a church, we put a very high value on community. Everybody in the church seems to agree. But often it still seems very hard. This week I was struck by the following quote I overheard from an interview my wife was watching on line.

“People are not different. Original sin is the great levelling playing field… When I was in the gay community, someone’s home was open, for fellowship or food or just to stand between you and that awful pit of loneliness, every single night. Everybody knew there was a place to go. From my experience, the church is living on a starvation diet of community. And I don’t know why. But I can’t live like that. And maybe the people you’re witnessing to, are put off by the message of the gospel of life, because they don’t want to live like this either.”

Those interested can see the full interview with Rosaria Butterfield here:

Rosaria Butterfield interview at ERCL

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