Why a family church for University ministry?

Universities bring together large groups of young adults who are planning and preparing for the rest of their lives. It’s a great opportunity to share the gospel with people. Our intention is to plant a church which will particularly reach university students.

But what sort of church should it be?

We could plant a church composed only of young adults. Such a church would be full of enthusiasm but lack maturity. If the majority of members were students, it would probably also lack finances.

While many students move geographically after study, we pray that some will join the church and remain part of the church into adulthood. These church members, with their families, will need ministry to their whole family.

Thirdly, young adults today are particularly concerned with inclusivity. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good at being inclusive, but it is a common concern that we can best address in an inclusively structured church.

For these reasons, we need to plant a church that includes people in all different situations and stages of life.

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