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What if God partied?

And what if you were the occasion?

A son asked his wealthy father to give him his inheritance so he could enjoy it without having to live with his father or wait for him to die. The son liquidated his assets, moved overseas and spent it all on drugs and prostitutes. When he ran out of money, he ran out of friends.

When he ran out of food, couldn’t find a decent job and was living on the streets he got desperate enough to go home. Ashamed, he begged his father just to give him a job. His father loved his son so much he took him in, made him a partner in his firm, and welcomed him back into the family with a huge party.

This is one of the stories Jesus told to explain God’s partying. (You can read the original ‘pigs and robes’ version in full in Luke 15 in the Bible.)

The son wanted to share his family’s wealth without having anything to do with his family. The Bible says that at some point, we are all like that son. God has made us to be his family. However, we try to do life without God. But when we come back, God welcomes us into the family. And he throws a party.

 Photo Credit: “party.jpg”, © 2006 Eric McGregor, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

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